Anti-hate! Anti-corruption!

if you can't control what goes on under your own roof-what makes you think you can control what is under God's roof? Tired of people with 'no tolerance' policy and 'burn them' stance! You can't penalize those who are stealing money from the masses by giving themselves high salaries and taking food and education away from the next generation but you are the first ones in line talking about burning people who don't share the same preferences as you.  We are all guilty yet we are choosing yardsticks that can only measure others' morals in terms of our own which we rank to our favour anyway-ranging from not2bad to iwilldobetternexttime but not extending the same grace to others. Its so much easier to police morals and Biblebash these days because everyone has their 2 cents on it. What would Jesus do I wonder? I really need to know because what I see on these streets- I don't know man. I don't think that would be His response.  Unless you are perfect, don't be picking up stones. If you don't know->don't throw shade/stones or whatever......I am not pro-anything, I am just on the #lovethyneighbour #pickyourbattles team. You pick your battles and God decides the victory. Standing for something doesn't mean kill the other team. Push your agenda if you are an avid marketer but win with respect to the living and the unmarginalised. Oh i don't know...let's just stop killing/hating each other to prove our points/strength.