B&B Part II

            At the minute, there’s a family of 3: parents and their son. SO they are a ‘colourful’ (mix-raced) family as the son indicated in our first proper conversation. All the others have been me screaming when he puts his head around the door because I’m just not used to guy’s voices or me telling him to ‘go smoke over there’. Anyway ladies, there’s a good man in there who is also looking to be right with himself, God (but doesn’t fully know it yet) and the right woman. Prayers please! So since I have adopted his mom because she cooks so well, he is my brother so nothing there much to my relief because if anyone knows me well enough from reading my blog or otw...I am a recovering ‘colourful’ addict. yuuuup! So he is my brother! She’s my mother and dad is papa of course. One big happy family. An interesting fact I just found out...this brings absolute joy to my heart: my mummy converted from Islam to Christianity when she met papa. Her first husband passed away about 20 years ago. Anyway these two are the craziest lovebirds ever...seriously if I could put pictures or the videos of the crazy shenanigans they get up to....unbeweavable!!!!

Oh my bad! My ‘big little sister’s mum and granma live here as well so we have two mummies and a granma. How blessed am I! We have cats too but am struggling to count them as anything other than flea carriers so maybe in due course, we could be family (don’t hold your breath on that one!)

I have another non b&b family and wow...they are Zimbabwean too and we have been family friends for ages so our blackgrounds are quite similar and their arms are wide open to receive me every weekend. So (without disclosing too much) I love them but I hate that I have to wait till the weekend to see them because they are my ‘peoples’ you know. We speak the same language; are used to the same foods, laugh at nearly the same things. Yes, I won’t say anything else about them because they may actually read this...see what I mean about being the same. I doubt that any of the other people even know my last name or have my facebook id that they could link this post back to me.... but they might. That’s family right? Prayers for them too as they brave this lovely peaceful country that they have to call home.

So I have learnt that home is where you lay your head to rest; a place you always anticipate returning to; a place you can be comfortable and express yourself with laughter and tears; where you can cook in heels and shorts without worrying about being looked at funny; a place where you expect to love and be loved......this is my home for now. I am learning to accept it. Like Jacob,I am fighting for my blessing still; Like Esther, I am being prepared to be sufficient for my King and my king and our little princesses/princes hehe; Like Peter, I am often chastened; Like Thomas, I doubt too and like Abraham, I am still expectant (so far the only surprise visitor I have had is Aunt Flo but I keep looking at the gate to see if someone I know is there) and my faith is being grown...

(On a personal note, I wonder if Sarah felt like she was blessed before Isaiah. She could see the blessings surrounding her: a good and faithful man who spoke with God, the wealth, God’s promises to them etc....sigh! time for an icecream break....post-icecream: I know I am blessed. I know it. I am in God’s sight all day and no harm befalls me and I have a job, my salvation, my health, income, friends. What I do not have with me must not stop me from experiencing the fruits of these blessings. My mind knows this to be true. I just wish my emotions would get with the program).

Anyway till soon

BTW: Where is Rainyjoy??????

B&B is for Blessings&Blessings Part 1

            It annoys me to write about this period in my life in this way because I know the picture is so much greater than what I am experiencing right now. I sound like an ungrateful spoilt kid but TBT Being a consultant is some lonely stuff! (Like the previous occupant in Room 1, I wish I could fly in my spouse or my child from the future. Ladies and gentleman, God was rightà It is not good for (wo)man to be alone! Two are really better than one!). Its like the MonaLisa and da Vinci has just begun to mix the colours it seems. There has to be more! There is more! I believe there is more!! 

I am living in a bed and breakfast and making new family units nearly every week. God is growing my family and the number of people I interact with. It is only upon reflection of the last statement do I realise or catch a glimpse of God’s purpose for me. What do I speak into these people’s lives? What values do I show them? How do I represent God? At the most, I know I haven’t been really doing a good job because I have been fighting my own internal issues like missing my family and friends; feeling ostracized at work because of the language, gender and age barriers so it almost appears I have nothing in common with anyone. The breaks I take when am at work are full of Skype messaging, facebook commenting, blog surfing and never just a conversation with the faces around me. They say ‘dumela me, upela joang?’ and leave me to my own devices. So I have found comfort in music....I plug my earphones in and allow the beat to tend to my loneliness, to fill my one-way convos with words and to answer my daydreams with some ‘deep lyric’ about commitment and love. I listen to this music on my way to the taxis in the morning, in the taxi, as I enter the office, while I research, as I write up my findings, when I leave for the taxis and in the taxis, on long walk back home....until the next day of course.

Well at the B&B..I have family: there are the two cousins who work there in the morning (well only in the three hours after they get there) and then they have R&R for the next 8 hours till their shift is over. Then they complain how hard life is because they get up at four and start working at six. (i remember waking up at 4 too after an evening shift at a nursing home to catch another morning shift before my afternoon classes) I keep trying to tell them that life is not easy. The currencies differ but c’mon son...its your act that gets things together not the money so GET IT TOGETHER girlies!

Then there’s my other little big sister who has my mother’s name. She is trying to find her way from undisclosed pain (undisclosed to herself of course, I can see it because that was me 7 years ago except hers has a twist). I know now that the most unsustainable painkiller is rebellion (but she doesn’t) because after a while noone cares and noone instructs you and then your conscience starts speaking louder because that is the only voice of reason but you try to drown it.....Needless to say, I love this girl so much. She is fun, ambitious and looking for a good Zim husband. Anyone know a good wholesome God-fearing free agent who will just love her as she needs to be loved? 




Young Girl with a Sugar Daddy: the cost of burying you is way higher than anything he can ever buy you while you are still with us. And its only a matter of time till you become wiser beyond your age because of the experience you will have known. Minus the shame, minus the stigma, minus the fear, minus the pain and you could be a little girl again. Don’t walk down a path you wouldn’t walk down had you known better because you do know better. He doesn’t love you. It is temporary. There are many of you. And You deserve better because you are better! You are at your prime. There’s nothing he can do that will feel as good as dodging the bullet that he is.

Sugar Daddy with a young girl: Get over yourself! Get past the insecurities that you feel when at home with your wife and children or at work with your boss. Get over the need to conquer and to please only yourself. This child is your responsibility. You are supposed to be creating a better future for her: a sick-free future. Don’t touch her, don’t caress her, don’t teach her the ways of your world....she doesn’t have the benefit of hindsight that you receive every evening when you come home late and have to string an apology to your wife either by beating her, lying to her or laying with her: It doesn’t matter, its all abuse anyway.....

the perils of engaging in Sugar-daddy loving in developing countries are not quite the same as those in developed nations....down here the statistics say its hella worse and have a lower chance of leading to  an inheritance of a multi-million dollar fortune...just a couple of STDs and maybe HIV...and as the cycle goes, the girls who engage with SDs also engage in sexual relations with young males who may have young girlfriends they are sleeping with too, nevermind the wives of these SDs. So if one couple doesn't wrap it....its a wrap for your group!  And if you have seen your daddy/mummy do it, or buried a mummy/daddy/relative/cousin because of it, then you also know that history has a wonderful way of repeating itself unless you stop the cycle
C'mon guys let's stop trying to imitate secular music videos of 'loving and leaving'; being a playa;sex tape shenannigans;  sexual freedom business because out there, they don't have it as hard as we do just yet! Pick another hobby! Find another way to boost your ego or self-esteem!
SEX: you may be getting it cheap and easy but that's not the way its meant to be....