Dear Nick and Mariah

Let me introduce myself-I am firstly a Christian, then many other things and finally a fan. I know you guys are Christian too since you proclaim it in virtually all your interviews about yourselves and it forms the basis of your marriage. So I write to you from a fellowship viewpoint.

I believe in the goodness of the Lord and His ability to strengthen anyone for His glory. I have seen it. I believe He is greater than ‘just a force’ and can change any situation to suit His plan. The key thing is one has to allow His work to be done in their life. So everything Hollywood, fame, success tells you is impossible is possible with God.
I don’t know the current status of your marriage as I clearly have no right to know but God knows. God knows your going in and your coming out. He knows your hearts. He knows your intent. He knows the decisions you will make before you do.

With that, please receive this blessing-God works everything for the good of those who love Him and I pray that you love him so that He can work His good in your lives. I pray that God remembers His graceful nature as He bridges how much you love Him in your imperfect nature and how much you ought to love him in perfection. I pray that you never have to stay married for the kids, for appearances but rather for His glory. I pray that He turns you around and brings humility into your realm. I pray that He shows you how the hard decisions will make the future easier for you. I pray each one of you knows and understands his and her role in the marriage and in life. I pray each one of you obeys this role even if it is hard-it is possible. I pray that you allow God to fortify you that your marriage is impermeable to evil and that you may be discerning and know what is evil and what is not. I pray that the forgiving nature of Jesus that sent Him to the cross is the one that fills your home. Forgiveness is not an easy practice but when practiced it becomes easier. I pray for the burial of name-calling, blame-placing, and tit-for-tatting. I pray for the resurrection of life in your marriage.

This message may seem offensive at first and you may ask what do I purport to know? But it is not from the basis of knowledge that I write this. It is from a pure hope that your marriage receives all its rightful blessings that are promised to you through Jesus Christ. I also pray the same for all my family and friends. Let it too be done in your life.


Loads of love,