unpaCKing Complex-ions

thanks to a friend, I now know what to do to move on..i need to carry my relationship suitcase and take everything out in order to pack all new things in the correct manner for the next journey. I will upack things sequentially, take a long look at them to see if they are too soiled to hold on to or just no longer necessary. i ll have a look to see if they are still necessary for the next leg or outdated...
So day 1:What shall i take out?

Unfortunately I can't delete my memory so lets look for an easier option...um well..okay i will take out complexion, yes the shade of the skin. I have always preferred light skinned men to darkskinned men, in fact, I preferred mix raced men to any other race. I associate them with love, honesty, romance and a little vulnerability because they don't really belong anywhere and also versatility, now it seems anywhere in Africa, they can be who they want to be: lovers, friends, white, black, indian, latino, gangster, softies, gay, straight and noone seems to judge them harshly. Their race rings of all sorts of potential, now they have Obama. Go figure. Anyway, I have a weakness for them. I like the contrast in complexions and obviously, selfish i know, but i like the way some wish they had the colouring that I do. I feel more appreciated. This skin holds me up, keeps my insides in and harm out on quite a large scale so of course I love it. But for someone to look at it and crave for it, oh it makes me feel good. To be loved for the colour of your skin amongst other things is cool with me, just don't hate me on that basis.....so light skinned brothers, i leave you here. I have loved you and admired you for a long time now. You have loved me back too, thank you but the fact that I am single today means that I have to shift gears, change lanes, or just become more open. Play on a bigger field, swim in the ocean so goodbye to my prejudiced self. One item down....whew.


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