1st DaY of SpRing

I have never been in a winter storm, with icicles, snowflakes, avalanches and perhaps even gales of the white powder, But there’s a storm whirling up in my body. Each time I picture you weak and helpless and Everytime I imagine you faint. My feet are in a pool of my tears because My heart is flooded with thoughts, and fear. I will be flaccid by tomorrow, I am sure of it. But I keep praying that tomorrow is the first day of Spring. When old flowers get a new chance, they can wear their pretty colors and make everyone smile. I keep hoping that tomorrow brings a stronger you as another bark is added to your trunk. You will withstand any ailment. I keep hoping…..nothing will tire you again, noone will worry you again. You will get to be the queen bee and you can breed a colony of all your dreams. Everything you will put your effort to, will thrive. Everything! But each time I wish for spring, it feels like I am wishing for heaven so I don’t know anymore if I want spring…I just want you back here and well. I want us to plan our book and name our kids, talk about the dodgy hurdles we have gotten over. Get your energy back bubu. Get your strength back china. Get your joy back Midiot. And check out of there. We will go for summer instead.


Funms-the rebirth said...


Miss Definitely Maybe said...

Loved this!!!!
Funms why oh why are you always first on every blog
give me a chance!!!!!

Talitha Koum said...

Amen, forreal. thank you MDM. hehe Fumns..but why?