I never said I would write all throughout my 40 days..ok?

Well here's an update on my affairs...
  1.  NB...I am so not that light, just wanted to place emphasis on the HAIR
  2. Confession: After declaring my love for God all throughout the week, I didn't go for a single Easter Service. Not Good! I warped my sleeping timetable and found myself asleep from about 10am to 6pm everyday. Something had to give and it was fellowship with my other church peers before God. Sorry Lord.
  3. I confessed this to my Lord and true to form- He forgave me Isaiah 58.18 so we cool? We cool and I will be more diligent in our relationship.
  4. I cut my hair to a 'fro. FINALLY! I just did it last night. I also gave myself a manicure and pedicure etc. I catered to myself last night and it felt too good. I am really blessed to love myself this much. I always imagine Jesus washing other people's feet when I give myself a pedicure. How humbling to have the soles of your feet (presumably the toughest and roughest part of your body being touched and washed by PERFECTION)!.
  5. My schoolwork is like my adversary at the minute but I am trying to make it my friend. I am trying, really I am. But at crucial times..I distract myself with daydreams, blogging, music aaaaaaaagh. Schoolwork..you are important to me and I want to excel in you so more people will get to know about you SO WORK WITH ME!!!! Hebrews 4 indicates that those who believe in God ''will enter His rest and cease from the weariness and pain of human labours'' (Bible and Joyce Meyer). so I will persevere with the faith that God will help me. 
  6. I believe in what I say. I value it and I think more people should hear me out so I will keep talking as long as I believe this no matter what/no response I get from people. Why? Because, I honestly had sidelined Pac and put him under RAP victim and never really paid attention to him till ..one day (distracting myself) I listened to his interviews on YOUTUBE and that young fellow had some serious wisdom. I had a long discussion with my BFF and I basically shot down all others rappers and ranked him so highly but today I realise that.......EVERYONE has something important to say. Just listen, keep listening. Maybe you won't hear it today but its coming...Keep listening. Always pay attention. Value others as much as you value yourself. If you don't value yourself, then you NEED to and START TALKING.
  7. PEANUT OIL is my second BFF at the minute. I put it in everything now. Body Shop SHEA has nothing on Palmers Cocoa Butter with groundnut oil, or a footspa with peanut oil, or conditioner with peanut oil......
  8. OK the heart of the matter, is I have a crush on someone. Someone's personality. Never met him. But if you know me well enough, that doesn't stop me from trying to daydream about the POSSIBILITIES..Don't judge me..Mariah DID it---> did you think Dreamlover was about a real person? ummmm nah! (Damon Wayans' Style: Lord please may I have a man who makes me laugh pleeeeeease)
  9. For the first time ever, I had a good twitter session with my family and new friends. Thank you. You know who you are. (yup i am a ROCKSTAR!!!)
  10. Loving Monica's new album. I too am, STILL STANDING so proud of her. Its been 14 years since I heard ''one of dem days'' wooow!
  11. This week, I think I am learning to trust myself. ...
Anyway kcees to you

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Robyn said...

hair looks Unique.