Wha2Do when your man is crying...in public

She never cared about who got the credit,' the president said. 'What she cared about was the cause. The cause of justice, the cause of equality, the cause of opportunity, freedom's cause.'

No real clue who Dorothy Heights is but seeing Obama cry reminds me of my grandfather. He was so sensitive, he cried at everything. He also had a little bit of undiagnosed 'depression' I think but hey. I see the sidelook Michelle is giving him. I wonder how Michelle must feel sitting by her man and watching tears fall...I mean don't you feel like edging a little closer, putting your hand on his lap just to comfort him.--->Men: What should your real life first lady do? Would you like her to look away, acknowledge it huh?

Check out an old MJ interview below....

Oh and something I found about our dearest Mike....I like what he says in the end. MMT...When you ever wonder who the greatest is among us all, just go amongst children-->they are more likely to enter the KOG than anyone. And that is the true measure of worth--knowing where you will spend eternity I think. (Digression: Knowing that Someone wants me to spend eternity with them so much, they sacrificed their BELOVED to bail me out from a life of... )SO who is great amongst us? We are all great in the eyes of our FATHER but none among us is greater. It is not for us to judge but to be aware that while we pursue what we/others sometimes consider valuable and awesome, we must remember and remind each other where the realgoalposts are, where the ultimate finishing line is...just some FFT


chridam said...

From personal beliefs and experiences, I perceive tears as a biological response that happens to everyone. Disappointment, romantic failure, pain, excess sympathy and grief, have all squeezed my tear ducts dry. I cry sentimentally, which is social poison. I have never seen the end of Finding Nemo, always having to herd a scapegoat by leaving the room with a "utter male cattle excreta" at about the time he's getting reunited with his dad. You know that dastardly lump that appears in your throat when the act of crying is actually around the corner, well that sentiment always decides to come by for an unexpected visit at that specific timeline in the movie.
Some women think it's unattractive let alone completely unsexy if their man cries because it emasculates him in her eyes. Some women are all sappy about it because it exposes their man's emotions and and the fact that he isn't afraid to let her seem them.
As an infant a male child cries to express emotions, women do this from birth till they die thanks to those lovely controversial but abused hormones, and it's not seen as a bad thing so why does it change for a man? Only those that tune up and let go the crocodile eye-water at every opportunity really do my head in.
We all put blood, sweat and tears into our life, why should one half of us be considered less sexy because of it? Sentimentality is a common male trait, though less frequently exhibited. Tears seem to say something very fundamental about us. Truth is, men are raised to keep a tight grip on their emotions in times of genuine stress and grief, so we scurry for other outlets; most melancholic music is performed and consumed by men.
The sole fact that I subscribe to the rationale that anyone is eligible for a tear-duct emptying ritual whenever and whever, whether male or female, embracing said philosophy has turned my government name into a curse word for a handful of the ex's who deemed it not sexy.
Bottom-line is it's ok for men to cry. That is, for those who are very secure with their sexuality.

Tendayi said...

Dude, thanks for the thesis...its taken me so long to read it and I get it and appreciate the comment. Frankly, I appreciate a man who cries and who gives his woman,friends or family an opportunity to console and comfort him. It means that he knows 'he is not an island'.

So in other news, do you cry??? (so not a come-on, its just a question)

chridam said...

I will respond to your honest query with a simple answer; yes i do (not to be confused with the call for solemnizing nuptial rights at the altar, lol). The causations of emptying the tear ducts vary, like I mentioned above, but would like you to pay particular attention to the lyrics in this vid I've just uploaded http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMMzgt7FWXY