LeSSonS: If you never ask, you never know...

Most of my posts have been about moving on from exes and this is no different...I am moving on and moving out from my LAST potential crush...an ex of a trillion years ago but I loved him for ages and I kept revisiting his life to see if he was still single? interested? (You know, not house calls but follow ups).

So this week I grew balls and asked him whether him and I would ever be a possibility...He said:

He is afraid of the implications of embarking on a long term relationship
He is in a relationship (definite no no)
Our priorities are just different

I could launch into an analysis of these statements but more often than you think, it is better to take the words as they are so I got my release forms today people and I am getting on that bus....No clue where its headed yet but at least now I know that I haven't left any men behind! Below R some helpful tools 2 make getting over it AL a tad bit easier. But the greatest of these, although not pictured below is
A REALITY CHECK- free and easily accessible and all you need to do is ASK!

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