Beauty is in the eye of Your Beholder

The powerlessness of beauty
Unless observed and probed
The arch on my nose, the sole of my feet
Are mine to gauge, criticize or to appreciate
Unless it is touched or scarred
My cocoa skin is a 19.4 ft protective sheet
Unless gazed into and through
My hazel eyes are limited to my less than 20/20 vision
Unless beheld,
My beauty is just a reflection,
Wading in mirrors
Swallowed by lakes
Shrouded by shadows

Look at me DAMMIT!

Anyone ever feel like this???


kookie said...

Sometimes yes and other times not so much. (it depends on the time of the month :-))

Beautiful piece of writing friend!

#p.s please remove your comment word verification, Im very lazy and anything that will make my commentary longer no bueno. :-) pls and thanks

Tendayi said...

your comment is so very appreciated. Thank you much!

and I have removed....didn't even realise it was there.

African Wife said...

love your blog...

Tendayi said...

Thank you African Wife. I would follow yours but am a little under-qualified...no ring you see?

Mary L said...

yes, thanks for putting it into words. I do count myself blessed that as an artist it is my job to observe the beauty in those around me.

Tendayi said...

oh thanks ML! we appreciate you artists!

gamu said...

appreciation by others is necessary, but ladies remember you were beautiful long b4 someone said so. you were strong before someone challenged you. you are amazing not because they said so but because u r!!!! xxx i like it

afriquanwoman said...

I feel like that quite frequently, and I am sick and tired of it. The feelings have nothing to do with my beauty, at least I don't think so. When I am at work, some of my clients do not "see" me, they would rather talk to the average joe blogs. It hurts, so I am "seeing" myself, and others through my blog.

Tendayi said...

Dear afriqanwoman, you are beautiful in God's eyes always. You are beautiful beyond any human's comprehension or beyond what our eyes can see. And that is a truth! This is what I am learning now. My own view of myself is unreliable because I am so fickle, easily influenced by others so go back to the Drawer, the Artist who measured every ingredient of your You-ness and see that it is good.