Significance.....being valuable unto yourself

Lesson learned AGAIN: my destiny is not really where my life ends up but the different avenues my life takes me through. Others may pay me little mind, and not repeat nor respect what I say,  nor encourage me but I know for sure that my first word was not YOU so everyday i make it and everyday i achieve it and everyday i see it. I don't need anyone's vote to validate me but I know I would appreciate your support.

if my father were Barack Obama....instead Lord thank you for my father
if my mother were Hillary Clinton...instead thank you for my mother
if my sisters were the Kardashians...instead thank you for my siblings
if my friends were the Williams sisters...say I want to develop an art or talent I can share with my friends
if my boyfriend were a football player...say well i don't know what to say here, am still working on it
If my crib looked like Lala and Carmelo's home...say I want to build a home or develop houses
If my children would look like that....say I want to raise good happy children
If his proposal would sound like that...say I want to hear sincerity
if my preacher were Rev Run....say I want to preach into others lives and them to preach into mine (Beware of false prophets though)
I am pretty sure these people are not the greatest entities to exist in our world but they are quite highly paid to be of influence. Don't get caught up though. TV/internet will open up a whole new world for you where anything is possible as long as you are living in another person's shoes. I am trying not to forget my shoe size each time I turn on my twitter or visit a gossip blog. It used to be Rapunzel with the long golden hair who made us wear pillows on our head, now its all these 'celebrities' who are making us change even more. And the saddest thing is that we feed their egos, we nourish their existence by buying their albums, following them on twitter, watching their TV shows, follow their trends and clothing lines and what do they contribute to our lives? Entertainment? Insecurities? Conversation topics?...Why is it that we are not enough to entertain ourselves, set our own trends and inspire each other? Chicca, if it doesn't inspire you to stay in your skin and experience your life to the fullest using your own scales, then turn it off! Don't sell your life short for something that comes with commercials/sponsored advertisements...your life is a sweet deal! Launch from wherever you are....

1 Corinthians 2:9

     “ Eye has not seen, nor ear heard,
      Nor have entered into the heart of man
      The things which God has prepared for those who love Him


Jaycee said...

"My destiny is not really where my life ends up but the different avenues my life takes me through."

I love that phrase.

Tendayi said...

oh thanks Jaycee!