Today I learned that

  1. In this life I have to mentally and spiritually prepare myself to live without relying on man
  2. I may be stripped of everything at anytime but I must know how to live without
  3. I must learn to abound and be abased Phil 4.12
  4. I must adapt to living with/without scorn; with or without support
  5. I must learn to live with/without affection, attention or infliction; with/without companions or foes; with or without being loved or hated
  6. One must learn to be without a single thing and yet have everything
  7. After fasting not to act like a hopeless fanatic but to remember the Word of God, His promise and diligence for fasting is preparation for tomorrow Heb 5.14
  8. Faith in God is always growing and I would be foolish to act like it has stayed the same with each situation or trial..each day I operate on a different level.
  9. the devil is paying attention and will try to lie to me and tell me otherwise John 10.10 but I have to remind him that yesterday I defeated him and today will be the same and so will tomorrow because the God I serve is consistent even if nothing else is Mal 3.6
  10. there is no tragedy without a testimony if I wait on the Lord Ps 27.14
  11. I must pray and fast  to be prepared for tomorrow and to live today Matt 17.21
  12. I am blessed Deut 11.26
  13. He will never leave me nor forsake me Heb 13.5
  14. I should pray for all children, take them to the Lord in prayer for the Kingdom of heaven surely belongs to them 
  15. Remember Eternity.John 5.28
  16. My prayers are of more value than my presence Phil 4.6. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 I can comfort you but God can do better than me, John 16.7 I can quieten you but God can restore peace to you John 14.27 . I can make you smile but God can impart His joy Neh 8.10. I can advise you but God gives wise counsel. Ps 25.4-9 Isaiah 48.17, John 14.26

    RIP Alana and Zoe- yours is the Kingdom of Heaven


    Frances-Clare said...

    Thank you amai vevanhu. Really means alot to see how much you love them.

    love you

    Tendayi said...

    love you too babe. U will always always be in my heart and so will they!!!