None of the Below and All from Above

Genesis 1.27 So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them;  male and female he created them. I would like to solemnly declare that the Maya Angelou Phenomenal Woman poem is not a representation of me anymore. Maybe it's what got her through and these verses apply to her life. I now know that not every line in a poem written by a famous poet will be relevant to me even if the words move me blah blah (empathy and compassion=wonderful attributes). But since these words are not written  about me, there is no need to recite these words over and over till they become an anthem because I am burdening myself with untruths about myself. Many times I have read it and thought ooooh yes that's me 'not cute but I still got it" but you know what I am made in God's image! His hand knitted me ~ I am more than cute! What you think is a 'secret' really isn't...it's the God-in-me (available from the Holy Spirit within you which is absolutely free). It is not the arch in my back etc etc. Frankly, whether men fall to their knees or not when I enter a room is not my prerogative ~I want one man to be moved by my presence and instead of falling to his knees in adoration of me, I would prefer he got on his knees in gratitude to God (for me and all his other blessings. Prov 18.22~he who finds a wife finds a good thing not he who sees hot chicks in the street/twitter avatars and is captured by their beauty and must try to get their number/attention at all costs has found a good thing--->NOPE). There will be no trying to touch my 'inner mystery' here but if anyone wants some real mysteries~ the Holy Bible has 66 chapters of them. I love the vessel/temple I inhabit but now I know that even if I possess all these features, physical characteristics that women do anyway...I am not phenomenal because of them. I am phenomenal because I am the daughter of a King! Neither am I the the rose that grew from the concrete (sorry Tupac), I am the woman who is growing from His Word! 



Proverbs 6:2 ...you are snared by the words of your own mouth; you are taken by the words of your mouth...


Rainyjoy said...

i like 'i am a woman who is growing from His word'

lol @ 'neither am i a rose that grew from the concrete' WHAT !!!!

its very important that you know who you are in Christ cos the enemy will always try to tell us lies about who we are not and if we choose to believe, our true identity will be lost.
thanx for sharing

Tendayi said...

have you never heard the TUPAC lyrics? we all thought we were hard core back in the day and identified with it but it seems so foolish now..

Amen to always knowing who you are in Christ. &&&&& thanks for stopping by

miss *kris said...

oh wow, and here I was thinking Phenomenal Woman represented me, too.

now you really have me reconsidering.

wow! this is such an insightful post.

thanks so much for sharing :)


Tendayi said...
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Tendayi said...

thanks Kris. as Rainyjoy said it..we really should know who we are in Christ.