You can’t see me until you think I am beautiful
You can’t touch me until you believe I am sexy
You can’t hear me until you clear your head of all that's on your mind

You can’t ever taste me until memories of once sweet kisses have tired 

And are forgot!

Until your body is bathed off every odor,
No scent of mine will linger in your thoughts, on your body or in your presence.
These are the rules to which you abide:
The simple conditions to be a part of my life.

Tired of a love that only she knows and understands
And sick to her stomach in want of it.
She writes
Promises to never compromise her confidence or betray her heart or abuse her body
Hurt because of a pain that scars her alone
She prays that from every home
No more are bred to cause her grief, distress and weaken her once secure and steady form

Angry and ready to bolt
Fearful yet seeking confrontation
Crazy and playing it cool
Yet shaking and falling to her knees in the face of a sneering opponent

Ruined and in need of a remedy
Alone and in need of company
Shattered and in need of repair
Yet sinking in this punishment

She is beautiful
Yet finding it hard to believe;
Having never felt it.
Few people around, are grateful for her presence
Fewer still seeking her attention 
and on attaining it are so quick to disregard it.

She is fun
And hoping the laughs are not directed at her
Of course not,
"She is worthy of the finest cut of diamonds
She deserves to walk on a lake of rubies
She ought to bathe with sparkling Chardonnay"
As one suitor claimed
Sticking by his words
As well as he stood by her
Like a leech, until the blood-sucker was full!

Whether she is insecure or hopeful or even fails ………………

She just wants to be treated as beautiful as she feels
Before this feeling fades into abstract art
Just once
One man’s manner to mirror her worth
She knows her worth
Just wants to feel it
Else she may forget.

My worth again is Jesus’ death on the cross for me


Robyn said...

amazing lyrics
a must hear

Tendayi said...

Robynnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! You are too missed! I wonder if you speak of the writing or the Timothy Bloom song...Either way, thank you and How are you?