As dusk sets in,
I wonder how well I will sleep tonight;
And how precious the morning will perceive me
When I am within its sight

But while the day sleeps,
I wonder how many things I have sought
And have truly found;
How many things for which I have dreamed
That I rightly deserve…

While the children play,
I wonder how sensitive
I have been to my fortune;
How honest I have been
As I confront life’s true meaning………

While the parents age,
I wonder how grateful
I have been;
How worthy of their patience
I am

While the friends laugh,
I wonder how much
Of their joy I truly want to share;
And how much of their tears
I can wipe away………

Then when dawn advances,
Knowing no other way to be
I wonder,


lani said...

wonder woman!!!!

Tendayi said...

didn't quite get that....was that wonderful woman? :)

Rainyjoy said...

i like i like :)

Tendayi said...

thank you RJ. i've missed you! iLove the Dame site. Infact, I needed it.

Rainyjoy said...

hey hun, i've missed u too.. You should be thanking Maidofheart for the 'faith dames site'.i love the site too