You find yourself in a place where you no longer belong.

I fit in perfectly just a minute ago but it seems a minute ago is too far gone because I have changed. Because I have changed-the people around me have changed. I have outgrown my environment in the last 60seconds, I feel a desperate need to break out of my collar and reach to the next destination. Its funny because a day ago...I had been too hesitant to try and leave. I was so busy cleaving to this thing thinking it was my only door to more. But now I have the confidence to open many other doors and I pray I have the wisdom to select which door I will enter through. There's something in me that keeps telling me that- that was all I needed. The confidence to turn the door knob. The rest is HIS story. Life...here I come......

Validated by the cross and not by man. Man will put you in a box, below a glass ceiling, and flatter you with words to keep you running on the wheel and never getting off. But the cross will raise you up from that tomb and raise you up to the heavens before those who love you and those who hate you. The difference will be the same. You will find that freedom that is beyond the need to be accepted or beheld. The freedom to be you. The freedom to be among the Trinity who understand you. The freedom to sit with your Maker and not your interviewer or your manager or your boss BUT your Maker!!! Subliminal.

I now have the true understanding of the statement 'this is beneath you'......

Jesus got me believing I walk on water and Jesus got me understanding that even if I don't need sails to cross the ocean- I will never need to tell anyone. Those who see shall see and those who hear shall hear.

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