The Art of Compromise (WAR)

Compromise is not an art between you and your spouse. Compromise is an art between you, Jesus and God with help from the Holy Spirit. It is what Jesus did in the garden of Gethsemane where He proclaimed through bloody sweat-‘not my will but yours’. It is not the will of your husband nor wife that you should surrender to-it is the will of God.  Surrender to the excruciating pain that accompanies the blow to your ego; swallow the pain that comes with the sugar-coated insult that comes from the one you purport to love; cover that ish with love instead of pouring and hurling hateful attacks; uncover your vulnerability by shedding tears and showing your scars than masking your hurt with anger and a tough immovable exterior (this is not a body-building contest; it’s a spirit strengthening ordeal); dodge the trap of rhetoric and refuse to answer those questions that will only destroy your relationship if answered, and when one washes their hands off the case/issue at handà be wise enough to let them. Stop wagging that finger and getting in their face pushing them to speak.  Don’t lose it! Don’t bring the in-laws into the equation! Carry the ish out of that cross. Go to Golgotha and be hung on the cross for the sake of your relationship. When they are done crucifying you and you are waiting to die-cry out to the Lord and say ‘forgive them Father, they know not what they are doing.’ Before the night falls, darkness will come before its time, the curtain in the temple will tear in half and your actions will be justified because his/her eyes will be open to his/her foolishness and God’s will will be done. It may take 3 days to recover from the storm but as sure as Jesus rose, this too will pass. Hang in there.

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