I watched you hit the snooze button four times this morning
I saw you having a rushed shower and yes, you remembered to brush your teeth.
I watched you prepare your sugar-free coffee with 200mls of full cream milk
I watched you pack your lunch salad and forget it on the bench
But I did see you pick up a muffin before you left.
I saw you cut off that truck as you joined the traffic 30 minutes late
I saw you give way to the child who was crossing the road
I watched you increase the volume to ‘Bow down b*@*s’ as you increased your speed over the speed humps and down that hill
I heard you cuss at the slow VW in front of you
I saw you swap your flats for heels before entering the office
I heard you mumble sleepy hellos before your coffee hit
I saw you glaze over emails
I saw you snooze a little in the meeting
I heard that insightful contribution you made in the technical meeting
I heard you laugh and say thank you to the gentleman who opened the door for you
I read the playful message you sent to your husband
I felt the guilt you had the moment you saw your baby’s picture on your screensaver,
And yes, you gave her a kiss goodbye as you left for work.
I saw you yawn as the day at the office ended
I saw you sneak some chocolate after lunch
I heard you ask me not to let it go straight to your thighs
I saw you take a ‘selfie’ in the work bathroom
Yes, I liked your outfit too!
I saw you stalk your favorite celebrities
Yes, it was about an hour of your time
I listened to the daily news with you
I heard you gasp at the atrocities in the world
I heard your silent requests to comfort the world’s children
I heard your controversial thoughts to bring My salvation to the terrorists
I heard your tummy rumble all the way home while you were caught in traffic
I watched your fave soaps with you all evening
I watched you play and tease your baby girl
I heard her giggle too
I heard you laugh with your helper and share womanly secrets
I heard you pleading with Me to keep you awake as you hung out with your husband watching movies
I stayed up with you as you enjoyed quality time
I heard you mumble your regular late night prayer
I heard your ‘I will do better tomorrow’ list
Yes, I will help you
I heard you wake up in the middle of the night to give your ‘Chipmunk’ her bottle-feed
I heard you changing the channel on the dream you were having
Then I saw you hit the snooze button three times

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