Still here but J. I C

It is with great sadness that I announce
That one day,
Probably far 
Possibly closer than you may

I will die.

Perhaps before
or after

And I will leave some One 
Or some More to mourn
My memories
And possible regrets:
Never having fully known my heart;
Never having fully let me know yours;
Never having said it all
Or perhaps having said too much of it all.

Never anticipating
Never contemplating
I could leave

It is with the same amount of joy
That angels will rejoice
That I have come to join the saints and the souls
Saved by My Father
Through His Son.

By name I may not know
But by heart and by lineage
We will recognize
One another.

It is with great peace I leave
Having been allowed to
Merge my days with yours.

It is with elation,
I finally approach the Throne,
No longer pleading,
But rightfully standing
In the place He prepared for me.

It is with faith
That I leave you
Knowing I will see you
And be with you
Stripped off of these names and vanities!
Stripped off of this Pain, Anxiety and Doubt!
Stripped off of this armour!
(For I would have overcome
The king of this world)
Stripped from our own humanity
Yet clothed only in His glory.

It is by love I lived
And now,
It is for love,
I leave.

Peace be with you,

Till and beyond our next meeting.  

(in memory of my most dearly departed) 

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