Dear Lord, I have been dumped!

Seriously Lord, I am scathing my knees wondering how my relationship has come to this. You have known me now for twenty five years now and You like me right? You think I am ok right? And You are perfect. Now Mr IAMSOHOT here walked into my life, and swept me off my feet and positioned me on this pedestal for two years now. He treated me well..gave me everything I asked of him and more. He surprised me with gifts and the the most hilarious anecdotes when I was down. Lord, I tried to keep my body off his...I fought my own wiles Lord and well.... And he said he was fine with it. He wanted to be blessed and not cursed by You so we played by the rules. Lord excuse me if I laugh here because I just remembered something....we weren't always good and I am sorry. Truly sorry.

Where was I? Dear Lord, I have been dumped and I want my fella back. I want him to laugh with me, to hold me and to keep me grounded. I want to see his serious face, and feel his gentleness. I just have to pause here, I remembered he pushed me once and I hurt my shoulder and one time, he said it took too long to 'please' me so he was looking out for his pleasure from then on....i should look out for mine.

But Lord, my parents..they really liked him. I mean they didn't approve of his clothes but they were going to look past it. My niece never took a liking to him and nearly soiled herself when she saw him with his hair undone...oh Lord he wasn't always smart was he?

He never showed up for my aunt's funeral or picked me up from the airport. He hardly calls when I ask him to and he yawns when we converse. He never came to church with me or prayed for me when I was sick. He got so drunk and nearly pushed me out of the car. He blacked out and still has no recollection of the day and the abuses he hurled.

Lord, You know he slept with his best friend's girl and we begun dating whilst they were still together. You didn't warn me that he was so callous. I don't know Lord how he can then get up and say its over when he wasn't in a position to play responsiblepants. It was for my good, he said. To move on...Lord the nerve of that guy to love me well and leave me like this...love me well? I have never smoked more cigarettes and never mind how he kept a bong beside my pillow underwhich he put his used 'gloves'. Oh ya he used to borrow cab fare each time he came over..yip I used to pay him did i not? And then he would ring from across oceans to make sure i stayed home and didn't go out with my friends so he would feel secure...that i wouldn't cheat on him.

nah i think the nutcase was dumped on me and now i have come to ask You why....the universe dumped that turd on me. I hate to lose but i am glad i am free. thanking you for opening my eyes and getting me dumped. If left to me, I would still be getting up tomorrow making him scrambled eggs, polishing his shoes and watching him lay on his back and rubbing his potbelly...

In your son's name,

thank you and amen.


Nefertiti said...

LOL. Well. aren't you glad the man upstairs got u dumped?

Welcome to blogville, darling. I recieved ur 'case file' from Miss K, and consider urself my new assignment.

Talitha Koum said...

tell me bout these case files?