things were extra simple and yet, we took them for granted. friendships, love and family were simple. we said what we meant and we lied about things we were scared to get a beating for, like if the sandwiches mum made were foul, horrible, inedible...not eating them would leave you begging for the Pearly Gates or worse begging for more of those sandwiches just to satisfy momma's ego and get her hand of the Behind. Nah my mom never beat me when i was young, just one look at her and i would eat all the mafufus and even if the dog, Tiger, came close enough to me so i could sneak it a bite, Never!!! I was so scared the dog would sell me out. i have three sisters and i was the snitch, if at any point i disobeyed, they would have gladly put me on the chopping block so I ate and hardly ever lied. now we lie to protect guilty, bitter and fearful people..people who are trapped in these GBF closets are not worth lying for. we betray our morals and our honest veins for them....once my friend asked me to tell her mum she was staying the night at my house so she could go out...that was the end of that friendship. But come on do not ask me to do something to your mother that I wouldn't do to mine. Of course, now i have lied to her a number of times...and each lie is followed by a confession a day, three weeks or even years later...and she takes it quite lightly. Like i get home drunk as a drunk person and smelly, smelly i say.i smell of dunhill blue, Johnny B, and other things...n she thought that it was the environment in which i had been socializing in...NOo, but i let her think that for a few months then well truth paid me a visit. And i had to tell her,anyway the point is people lie, we all lie, now to have to lie on behalf of another just makes things complicated..its soooo premeditated, Murder 1st degree to your character. Your poor unassuming, justtryingtobethebestyouitcanbe character. Nofair!


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