my faTHer, my Son

Dear Lord, I appreciate You so much because no matter where I am, no matter what I am doing…You are within. Today, I spoke words I am otherwise incapable of speaking. I spoke them to myself. Firstly you reminded me of how You use the foolish things of the world to bring wisdom to man. I thought of my father and how i desperately longed for him to wake up and receive Your Grace and feel Your Gentleness and Goodness and to have renewed hope and direction. You answered, ‘It is Done’. I had an unnatural image in my head of my own father becoming my son. It seemed wrong on so many levels. And then You spoke into me. Your words reached the tips of my fingers and made them tingle. They rose up to the corners of my mouth and made me smile. What is it, they say about Your Word? It separates the soul from the spirit. Your word pervaded my entire body and I began to laugh.

My father, my son…
Dad,I would like to show you
How beautiful the world is
How beautiful you have made it for me
I would like to thank you
You have worked very hard for me
And I have received the best education
And slept in the most comfortable beds.
You have grown up for me,
So much that you have learnt to discipline me with a mere look
And encourage me with a hug.
You have also failed for me,
To show me that it is human to err
And that we all have days numbered past our mistakes.
You have loved for me,
By caring for your parents as they aged
Taking others' children under your wings.
And of course, you married my mother….
You have lived for me, dad,
And I thank you.
Now as i grow, take the limits off yourself:
Work, love, live, grow, and err for God.
I am learning too and I can show you some tricks or two.
Firstly, abandon us and yourself to His Mercy
Open yourself to the prospect of a New Hand writing your will
And designing your life.
Shake all the remnants off from your past…all things dad.
And He will reorder them for you
You don’t have to be lost anymore
My father, my son..

In Him, I promise, you will be found.


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