This word came into my mind today from nowhere. How it came about amused me so much and i really want to share it. So, work had become a little tedious today and my mind of course, began wandering. those who know me Know that I like to be the master of my mind so it obviously did not just wander. the dear Bible advises that we bring all our thoughts into obedience so i know better than to say it merely drifted when i hold the leash/reins/watEva…I, Me, I took my mind for a stroll. Took it right to the park to play a ball game. Too literal huh? Yeah, I thought so too. Anyway, i start thinking about the ‘ART of loVemaKing’ and dareIsay, i wanted to Draaaw (pronounced as it is spelt) or to be painted or sculpted, something sinful was definitely cooking up in my mind. then I came up against a huge sign in my head and right across it was written,


I was like WhaT?I think it may have been the Holy Spirit telling me that thoughts like these (lustful ones, DIGRESSION AHEAD:u see this is why lust is spelt with a ‘U’ instead of A because nothing that comes from this word LaSTs/enDUres/perSISts/conTiNues. Things born of lust perish real quickly!)…Anyway the HS must have been reminding me that XRfantasies are no longer a part of my fibre, not since i was Talitha Koumed anyway. thoughts like that must have had a timeframe and have reacched their sexpiration date so now they have rightfully

Now whoever said the Lord didn’t have a sense of humour?


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