DeciDing on a Path

I love to write, simply what is on mind, so I write in simple diction. I love to speak candidly so I write plainly….so I wonder where all this will lead me.

I love to study economics without the mathematical jargon, so my theses are devoid of proofs of hypotheses except through theory. I love to explore issues from mine own perspective but here am I, working in a research company picking others’ minds….so I ask where will it all lead me?

I love to mend broken relationships yet I have never sustained my own. I love to forgive but I hate the person I am at the start of the forgiving journey which passes through disappointment and bitterness. I love to heal hearts and minds and restore them with Verses or words impessed upon me by the Spirit…but I have simple diction. I love for people to feel my heart when we embrace, my soul as we speak and my comfort when they ache…yet I am so sensitive to touch and irritable when my space is invaded. Where will this lead to?


Talitha Koum said...

i suppose this is why i am not God
i suppose this shows i am not God
i would like to do what He does but I could never do it in my flesh. of course if I allow His Spirit to guide me always then i would be godly, righteous. The only fleshly being who could do this was Jesus..and He was off-God, His first Son. i am truly humbled knowing that, even though, I am a fallen apple, i am not too far from the Tree. because my desire is His platform and His Will... my destiny.

surely this isn't blasphemous, is it?

K said...

I love the apple and tree analogy. And no its not blasphemous if we were created in his image surely he must want us to emulate him

Talitha Koum said...

True true, Tenks