today I am especially aware of my sexuality and my beauty. Off course, instinctively, I want to share it with a MaN in a kiss. not a PG13 kiss but a simple peck (that’s really all) on the cheek of the MaN who has repeatedly prioritized me, constantly encouraged me and vigorously loved me. I want to kiss him as a show of the affection that he allows me to bring out from within my soul. I want to kiss him as a sign of assurance that I enjoy standing by him as much as I do standing up for him. I want to kiss him because I want to say I love you. But I am SinGle. I must PreSERve my right to share thiSortOfpassion until I am within a relationship with a God-fearing, meLoving, faithful, kind, generous, hanDSome and LoYAL man. Take heed, I advertise not my single status, I speak of it as I speak of all my other daily thoughts and ideas. Maybe I will get my nails done today, dress up and go out for dinner, splurge on a hot chocolate fudge sundae (this does not indicate my ‘partner preference’ at all). I need to treat me well…show me how much I love and appreciate this body that is me.


K said...

I think maybe this is what I'm feeling that I want to reserve all that touchy feely with someone worthy. It sounds a whole lot better than thinking I'm just over it. At the end of the day sometimes you need to show how much you love someone by the smallest of acts not the grinding on the dance floor type acts but the holding hands type stuff.

Robyn said...

behind u all the way.

Funms-the rebirth said...

self-appreciation is definitely necessary........ while we wait for the God chosen perfect partner to come along.... no need settling for less