Dear This Man
This man who was loved by the Lord so much, he was blessed with the ability to lead a group, which prayed for me and blessed me with their faith as I walked toward the journey of my salvation. This man who I began going to church for (seriously)because I had a crush on him. This man who was such a great example of a good man that he began the process of restoring my faith in the hope that this generation of men was indeed promised to God. This man, Thank you for your faith, thank you for the lessons, Thank you for being one of God’s many instruments toward Jesus.

Dear This Girl
This girl who loved God so much, she never gave up on me. This girl who stayed and honored me with her hope even when I blatantly did wrong. This girl who held my confessions close to her heart and kept them between God and herself. This girl who gave me a bed to lay on when I had none. This girl who opened up her home, her pantry, her life to witness to me. This girl who stands by me even when we are apart. This girl who mirrors God’s joyful spirit and this very Joy, healed my once wounded spirit. Thank you for your willingness to follow God’s footsteps so I could follow you through my admiration of your willpower to the Lord’s cross.

Dear God
There are many ways to get to the steeple, and many ways to enter the church doors, and one narrow way to enter into heaven. I thank You that Jesus found me in spite of myself and the distractions I tried to create or momentarily(22years!)submitted to. Your will prevails always. I like Your will because its designed to prosper me and everyone else.You are faithful, even when I am not. You lead me even when I hesitate to follow. You are patient. You are kind and gracious even if I am undeserving. God, YOu are holy and mighty and yet You are with mere-me. You are unbelievably believable! Wow. Amen

All my love and appreciation,


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Miss Definitely Maybe said...

Its so hard to be a 'christian' in such a secular world. We stumble and fall numerous times but God is a loving and forgiving father