Gender MensiTive

I need to be sensitive to Men so I am dedicating good, noble, kind, virtuous, mature, hopeful thoughts and actions to the Men I encounter. I heard from mum that the only reason I must look down on someone is to help them up so I am choosing to be mensitive today..

I have a huge “crush” on these families on facebook. I stay in touch, I check in to see how they are. I recommend little things for them, they do the same for me. I guess little tings about them and sometimes I am right. Without wanting to be too weird, they are sometimes part of my dreams. Is that crazy? I pray for these people wifout ever needing to know everything about them. The fact that they are family-oriented makes me happy, loyal and prayerful for them.

I have a huge “crush” on some girls/women in my social circle (blogville, fb,twitter,real life,high school,primary school, uni, workmates)..okay these girls are beautiful, remarkarble people who have achieved so much and their personalities are so striking and strong. They are such amazing packages. Some have children, jobs, ideas, passion and dedication…I can’t but toot their horns right now. Even if I hear dodgy stories or have had dodge encounters with them, it doesn’t matter, I hope always for the best for them.

Then there are the boois…I have a little crush on one but my dream guy (yes the one in my head) thwarts him so yip. I find it so ARDUOUS to admire men or boys except if they are at a distance oR they are lyricists/preachers/songwriters/employed...sometimes athletes but their player mode precedes them (see how judgmental I am?). Anyway, I have to apologise to the LAYMAN…I have been viewing men from a ‘potential-to-be-mine’ or ‘prove-me-wrong’ perspective but that aint right. I look at their clothes, I engage them in conversation, I take a walk with them, I work with them, I hang with them and at the end of the day, I put them in a categories like…

a. Only speak to me in your dreams please
b. IF these changes were made, I would seriously consider hooking him up with my friend
c. FRIEND for life, if he doesn’t like it, HIGHWAY
d. JUST FRIENDS, please stick around because you are so funny
e. If you put a ring on it, I will jump your ******, you just wait- but I haven’t met him yet
f. Its not because your “popular” (really that is the basis of your appeal and I would hate to sound like a stalker but erm), but you are a really great guy and erm

I am turning over a new leaf…I am going to try and treat guys as just guys. No longer trying to see if your last name looks good on me and no more judging! You men, are up against a lot in this world-there are so many things just trying to bring you down or lead you astray..I judged you harshly!

Dear boys, men, brothers, uncles, fathers. You have a right to have good days and bad days, say no rubbish or more rubbish, to have kids or no kids, baby mamas or none, broke or rich, sober or not, faithful or cheating, Christian or otherwise, its YOUR RIGHT! Here, I am giving my perception of men back…And I hope its not too late for me and I can still make it a habit to just RESPECT you as you ARE just as I would like to be treated.

She without sin must cast the first stone…i have learnt that as a woman I am not physically strong to contend with a man and bring him outside the gates of the city and pick up rocks and hurl them at him if he does me wrong...But I WILL bring them down in my mind or with a stare or an attitude; or disregard anything you say; or manipulate them, use sarcasm they won't get just so I feel smarter sooooo

I am standing by my brothers today!


Vimbai said...

*vim stands up to applaud*

As women we are so quick to group all men together under the banner of "player" and "useless" when not all of them are like this.

So no more judgement from me too, the good ones are there, it just requires time and patience to sift through...

K said...

They are all useless and nothing you say will change my mind...Jokes...

I will endeavour to "hate" on them less in my mind and heart... erm but there will be some "super" special cases though..lol

Talitha Koum said...

the tests i have gone through since I put this up have been plentiful, oish, but i m striving...i still love the man in my head more though. *slap on the hand*

Talitha Koum said...
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Talitha Koum said...
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