Foony Thing.....

This morning, I felt a deep need to pray for my better half and I wrote a reminder in my journal

I did nothing about it until this evening after having a conversation with my friend about a guy I fancied whom I feel would never be my type because we come from such different backgrounds. He hustles basically and his academic career probably ended at A levels, by choice I presume, because his father is the Chairman of He-BETTER-GET-HIS-BEHIND-BACK-TO-SCHOOL so really it would have been his choice right? Here I am secretly fostering a plan to go do a PhD afterward. How will we work around that? Yes I jumped plenty of steps...but I am a planner like that. I can pretend not to care and wing it and flirt with him like a house on fire but that will do me no good because that's my heart on the line so meThinks choose now, decide now whether to feel or not to feel past friendship...but these feelings are working overtime I tell you. It seems my mind took an extra long lunch break too (which is why I am laying here, typing, instead of studying COMPACTNESS, OPEN SETS, BLAH BLAH)

Anyway, while speaking to my good friend, I mentioned that I liked this guy so much that one day, I slept at one in the afternoon just to get him off my brain...of course i met him in my dreams..aaagh. Earlier today,I called my cousin and "him" happened to be in the room too (MIND OUT OF GUTTER-they were in an office with 5-10 other people present, okay maybe 2-6 people) so she matchmakerly invited him into the conversation on loudspeaker!!! And 'the fool' (term of endearment) says 'Hesi baby' and i full-on giggled. I couldn't say anything other than hey back after that...I seriously need to start dating or mingling more because I can't keep acting the fool, trippin' over what some guys say...its not really some guys-ITS JUST THIS GUY!

So i told my friend how i felt and how it couldn't be and she led me toward praying for him..you know for him to succeed in his endeavors and to become the man he is meant to be and to just persevere no matter what hardships he may face. I prayed for him after dinner...then i looked at my journal tonight and there it was, pray for your hubby. IS THIS A SIGN?

In other news, I thought about my tante this evening and this little phrase popped up in my head,

"We have lost you, but somehow, we have found each other"

Then as I write this, I hear, "but you haven't lost me silly, you know where I am".

Goodnight all. May God's peace be with you, not the world's peace but only that peace which He gives..seeing He is God and Everything...it should be pretty worth your while to receive it.

Love TALKoum (powder hehe ;0)


Robyn said...

i have alot to red-Benn a while mate how are you?

Talitha Koum said...

i am good buddy! how is it all?