I used to sing along to 5'5" with brown eyes with so much pride, until I realised I may just be A 4'5" without my heels on. I used to base my career on what others said I would be. No one said I would be a doctor, a teacher, a singer, a poet, a survivor until now. Lord, All these possibilities, options, choices #pickone for me. I have all these things I strive to be and they barely reflect the passion that is within me. I know I don't need to be the top of my class, i no longer feel the need to impress upon others, my intelligence haha. I feel I already did that and a few people bought it. In some people's books, i am etched as the smart one. But now I minimize that idea, without any effort at all. In some circles, i am the religious one because I pray, i encourage, i bless, i read, i lead but i really don't always have my quiet time or read the Bible. I actually round up most of my day in unproductiveness and star gazing rather than praise, prayer and worship. Others may see an Afrocentric girl who likes the African jewellery, music, attires but I admire Gucci and Manolos too. (I have an eye for shoes and a purse that doesn't do my taste any credit).
I want to be famous for something but I feel that is selfish of me to think that because the things that the Lord has made me concerned about, can only humble me, rather than propel me into a world where I can be celebrated...Should God put me onto such a platform, will I celebrate Him or will I be torn apart under the bright lights?..But imagine, how great it would be if i actually remained decent, God filled, yet on a bigger budget and more exposure for whatever Greatness that has been impressed upon me.? Well, its pretty dormant right now (this greatness), though.
I wish I could put my finger on it. Figure out what I need to tap into so I can release an outflow of my blessings in the manner I was intended to. 'God doesn't give you a dream to taunt you' as i have heard so maybe I really will not be average for ever...
If you are Tired of feeling ordinary today....Please know that (as God just told me after my rambling) You don't always have to look outward-to other people and their situations- to see where you could be in the future or where you think you should be now. You can look at all the matters of you and wonder with excitement about where it will all lead. Remember that the Hands that made you can take you anywhere and through anything. And this is the ultimate purpose- that you voyage with God.
Sidebar: What is the purpose of water?
Water provides a balance in the body – homeostasis. It provides an absorption of the water-soluble substances, transportation of the nutritive to the target cells and the excretion of waste products of the metabolisms of the body (http://www.weightlossunit.com/Pages/Healthy_eating_articles/role_of_water_in_human_body.html)
Now when Jesus says He is the water of life, and if we drink from Him, we will no longer thirst basically means that His purpose would be to bring to our systems all those things that are God-soluble: i.e. things approved by the Lord that are noble, righteous, good, peaceful, joyful, full of love etc.....He will take them to all the areas of our lives where they are needed....then take all the foulness, crazy, played out, destructive crap out. Wow, so I need to take a sip of Jesus clearly for all the above reasons, I guess.
LovePrayerBlessings upon all your lives so that the Water that gives you life everlasting may do what it needs to do, so you can be who you need to be...


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