April 1: I CHOOSE to Stop plaYinG tHe FOOL in my LIFE

Here are a few things I will be working on over the next 40 days. I am excited that God has revealed these things about my nature. There maybe only one of me but there is definitely more to me and this is why I no longer see myself as single. So I have highlighted the issues, now I am going to live through the solutions through prayer and fasting.

The first issue I guess is INTIMACY. (If I am intimate with God, I know I can be intimate with a man, children or any person really-THIS IS NOT ABOUT SEX ONLY).What is intimacy? Who am I intimate with? What is my relationship with Christ like? How intimate am I with Him? How can I be intimate?

WWMI-What woman am I? This is no longer about 'which hollywood actress am I? what kind of lover will I be?' It is about counting and stating my blessings; reviewing and understanding the purpose of my experiences and my existence. Because  I need to look at the woman I am today and acknowledge her greatness and stop hiding my 'light' under a bushell. (Suzanne Hadley).

TRUST- What is trust? What is the foundation of trust? Can I trust myself? Can I trust others? Do I trust God? I need to trust God's plan, my ability to choose, i.e. to trust my 'Godtuition' on most matters. I am 27 in a month and I have had 26 years to develop my identity so I definitely have more than an idea of what I need and what God expects of me.

No MORE SBDs (sell-by date). I don't have an SBD  because I am not on any market. I will always be valuable and valid.

GooD-BYE Metaphors! I am no longer going to use the 'waiting-at-a-bus-stop' or 'waiting-to-be-found (WTBF)' analogies because I have been found. Yes, I am no longer waiting to be 'swept away' by a 'dream-lover'. There's been enough hurricanes in this world...I need to learn to enjoy and embrace reality more.

RTS (remove the stick)-I am going to remove the stick from my eye now and see the beauty in myself and others so that I may see my own shortfalls more accurately; and that I may be able to see God's hand in my life more clearly.

Moving out of USS (United States of Singleness) because I know that I will not be in Single State forever. How do I change my state of mind? How do I stop feeling that I am alone (because I know I am not but how do I shake that feeling)?

LifeWords- I need to learn to speak words (to myself and others) that are inspirational and motivating and not negative. Even though God came to give me abundant life, I can just as easily take that life away by saying negative/bad things (things like I am useless, I am not pretty--nah, no more).

Walking Down the Aisle toward God -Everything in my life must be like a bride's father walking her down the aisle to my Eternal Bridegroom, that is to say my friends, my husband, my family, my career or my education must be for the ultimate purpose of Eternity.  'If it doesn't help me to get to God's Kingdom, then I am not getting into it'.

Understanding Waiting - I need to understand what it means to wait quietly (Lamentations 3:24-26).

Request Line- How do I present my requests to God? How do I present my requests to others? I know there's only one certainty in this  world...that If I ask for God, I will get God! But when I ask, do I remember to be expectant/watchful and prayerful? (Col 4.2)

Emotional Rollercoasters - How do I deal with my basket of emotions?
Guarding my heart
- I need to learn to keep my heart in my heart and not to let it be awakened before it is time (Song of Solomon 2:7).

Perfect Man Syndrome: I need to get rid of my preconceptions of the 'perfect man'. I can't pick and choose my husband's face/physique/behaviour because I didn't make him. It is what it is..and he will be who he is. How do I get rid of my Hollywood concepts about love, romance and marriage? How do I accept and prepare myself for God's choice of life for me?

Prayer and Bible. How much do I value prayer and God's word? Prayer allows me to speak with God. The Bible allows me to know Him. So I must remember that 'to pray is to change.'

Who has an ALL-ACCESS pass into my life: my dreams and my thoughts? Who needs to have this pass?

Achieving Holiness-Who/What am I full off? (Matt 25)

1 Peter 1.15-16: 2 Timothy 2:20-21: Philippians 4:8: 2 Peter 1:5-8


kookie said...

I like the USS he he ..very clever!
So how does one BFF support another on this journey? yeah...you can inbox me :-)

Talkoum said...

hehe glad you like partner, one BFF can hold fellow BFF in prayer for revelation and keeping me honest...