Gone are the days....

... of hating or not getting along with your current's ex especially if there is kids involved. Its time to take a step up to a higher level of thinking and protect the children's interest first! The beef between the exes is over..it's official!

Special mention to Lil Wayne and his baby mommas and ex-wife and how they all get along and tweet each other and stuff. You know, if you are on your way to being a stepmom or still a girlfriend to a man who has kids (AND IS UNMARRIED), don't try and pretend they are not there or act like you will deal with them if things get serious. Introduce yourself, introduce your heart to theirs. Be glad about it too. Meet the baby's mama if you can, establish a relationship (a good one, if not at first, work at it until it is a good one). 

Don't feel like you are there to replace anyone from a previous relationship. Be you! Do not think of yourselves as competing, trying to win and keep the man's heart-->you are simply sharing a time and space with the best of each other, i mean the best that either of you are at that time. Its your time to bless someone with the person you are and you should allow them to do the same too.

Don't try diminish the relationship by dramatizing his past or your past....you done did it, now its finished! No more strings attached unless an umbilical cord is involved of course. Then be a good woman who can encourage her man to be the best ex, the best father to his children, the best son to his parents, and a good  friend to his buddies. Help him and show him how to be the best man for you too. I mean if he is good to so many people, there is a higher chance of him being good to you too, I guess. Sure the relationship may end...but that's an entry for another day. 

Have a look at the Pinkett-Smith clan below

God Bless you all and have a lovely day

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