the Greatest Fight of All

I have learnt from Mike that the most insecure people have the most to prove- to themselves, to the world.
I have learnt that healing and growth has to be 'AN INSIDE JOB'. (with help from Above)
I have learnt that when we are young, we all make mistakes and 'a mistake has no right to your destiny'.
I have learnt that when you fight others all the time, it means you are 'probably beating yourself up on the inside'. (Again your insecurities, your fears, your guilt, your losses and your pain are probably provoking you).
A man who doesn't cry is like a caged animal.
One day, you will find someone who sees you for who you will become while sticking around for who you are (at the time).
We are the 'Circumstantial Evidence'. We are byproducts of our environments; our environments can teach us anything: to overcome tragedies, love, fight, abuse, womanize, get educated, persevere.... . We really need to try and create a good environment for each other, where we can breed wisdom and exercise it too.

This post is dedicated to my father. I love you forever. I love who you are and who you are becoming. I appreciate you. Happy Birthday.

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