Dear Grandma

I miss you terribly. I can't believe I won't see you in this life anymore. I am going to miss
- stopping at TM for an emergency loo break
-going to Norton just to sleep on your bed
-introducing you to my boyfriends and hearing your opinion of them
-the interesting stories about you riding a bicycle when you used to   
train women 
 -You saying Jack, Pssh' or 'Syke' in answer to our 'Wassap Gogo!
-you wearing those dark glasses even when it was clear you didn't need them anymore
-stopping at that farm to buy cabbages for your children
- us sneaking chibage for you
-buying derere for you 
-you cracking jokes at the hospital 
-miss everyone calling you Frend (not a spelling error)
-miss mama doing your nails
-dropping you off at the ETs
-going to the wrong appointments
-making us sit in the corridor when there was lightning
-watching you do tye-n-dyes, crocheting, knitting and beading jewelry for us
-going to buy wool together
-recharging/stealing the phone to call your friends
-being mad at you when you 'overworried' about us and your daughters. Whose going to do that now?
I am sorry I couldn't visit you in hospital. I just never thought it was the end. I never believed it. I never believe it. Now its been a year and I really wish you were on a vacation. I miss everything about you. I wish I could have been there for you more...You are my legend, my hera. I love you Frend. I hope to see you in eternity! (I would say Wassap Frend and you would say Jack)


Living Life Like It's Golden said...

Aww my heart goes out to you :( Hang in there..she is now watcihng over you

Tendayi said...

its so hard and thank you

Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

She's in a better place...grannie's r a blessing! Easy babes

kookie said...

:-( ((hugs)) All I can say is that its good you remember the good times, those memories always bring you comfort.

chridam said...

And as I write this down, an
expression of feeling has already found its way down my cheek...

Tendayi said...

thank you guys, glad to say i am cool now...

Henry Chitsenga said...

A touching poem. Thank sis Tendayi and may the Almighy Lord be with her soul.

Henry Chitsenga

Tendayi said...

Thanks Henry! i like that..may the Lord be with your soul.