Depressed? Sad? Alone?Lost?

Psalm 32:3 
When I kept silent, my bones grew old
         Through my groaning all the day long.

Sometimes pain distracts/deters you from asking for healing...despair makes you think that you will never get past it. But KNOW, maybe not at that moment but eventually you will BE past it.

Call a friend or family to help you through it. although they may annoy you at first with little quotes or bible verses or whatever, those encouraging words strung together with love, laughs and hope eventually become a song that can ease your pain. pick up the phone, send a text...talk to someone. Don't be afraid to let someone in on that little secret-->that you are hurting of course.  No man is an island and your feelings are part of this economy too, along with your jobs, school, raising family, daily chores, exercise regimes, eating etc. If you can laugh in public, you can cry in public too...that is your calling card to seek help. You  don't have to wait till you are in an enclosed space, alone with a sad movie on and then express yourself. There is honor even in vulnerability and fragility. There is strength and a voice in your tears. Do not be ashamed.

Point is, we are the angels we so desperately want to look over us. Go out of your way today and lift someone's spirit up. B an angel! Offer your kindness, sincerity, conversation, time to someone in need. Don't trivialize your hellos and how are yous anymore! Listen, pay attention because there is probably somebody sitting right next to you distracted by pain, sometimes even too numb to even shout or yell out for help. Reach out and touch someone, comfort them, hold them. Faith without action is pointless so your 'hope' that they will be fine is simply not enough. ACT and give that person something to truly believe in.

You are the SOLUTION to the question: How can there be a GOD if He doesn't wipe my tears away? (emotions are part of the economy too)