Rambling 16 hours and 30 minutes before my results

I went for dinner with a couple who were so hilarious and loving tonight. At first, I thought it would be so awkward because of my 'Single-party of one' status but they were so welcoming. I swear these two love each other so much that you cannot, even for a millisecond, think they can possibly not love you. Their love is overflowing #truestory. 

We spoke of our pet peeves, our joys, our concerns, our fears, our worlds and I didn't feel less smarter than them at all because the root of the conversation was us. The conversation that took place was from our own point of views rather than from what the media, the school or just society dictates. I didn't feel like I repeated myself about certain issues or better still, I didn't feel like I echoed anyone else. I felt like an interesting individual and I thought of both of them in the same way too.

I get to know my results for my course at 4.30pm tomorrow and I am a little worried to be honest but the God in me is saying I am going to be fine no matter what the outcome is. Normally (since last year really), I could just close my eyes and see the expression I would have after obtaining the result: like if the results were going to be good; I would see myself smiling or there will be certain positive words. But today, I see nothing. In fact, I don't want to see any images because I know I won't believe them. If its a happy face, I think I will probably find some other explanation for it and if its a crying face, I will explain it away again so yup here I am...'an unknowing fool' because I choose not to know.What I do know is that the Lord I know and serve (well mostly try to serve) is faithful in all regards and He will continue to lead me by green pastures AND quiet waters AND make me surefooted as the deer. Beyond and during tomorrow, He Is. I am in no place to doubt His provision for my life. 

Father Almighty. You are Lord of heaven and earth. You can move mountains and change hearts of kings. You love us and sacrificed Your Son for us. Today, I come  to you, a sinner, who manages time pretty badly, who doesn't regularly seek you and sometimes holds an unforgiving heart. You know these things about me yet you love me and have made me righteous and worthy to come to You in Your Son's name.  Thank you for sustaining me all these days of my life. Today I would like to pray for my results: that my parents  and I will be happy tomorrow after I receive and tell them my results Father. Lord, I would like to celebrate and be joyful tomorrow so I seek Your mercy upon me Father. I seek Your favour upon my life. I seek your reassurance and a peace that surpasses all my understanding as I leave my concerns in Your hands. I am in awe of you Father. I lift Your Holy Name above my fears, above all things. I will raise my hands and praise Your Mighty Name because You are good. In Jesus' Name I pray..Amen!!

Ok I am crashing now...the hubby of the lovely couple made a quiche and chocolate and custard pudding so I am crashing after a very high 'high' from the chocolate so will have to leave it here for now

Toodles my lovelies

P.S.. I had not known that my ramblings would end up as a prayer but hey. He is a God after our own hearts. He takes us to the heart of the matter even when we haven't a clue what we will find there, He knows.

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