Back into Time....

One day...

by Me on Wednesday, June 25, 2008 at 3:26pm
One day, the shackles will come off our feet, and we will be free. We will see the years that were our prisonguards, keeping our hope, faith and freedom at bay. we will finally look at the presidents and the militias who once stood solid as prison bars, and see them fall away and behind us like a bad memory should. And we will heal: our land and our people will heal and stand stronger and firmer and united. In this darkness, we will keep His word as the lamp and light for our feet. Our faith sees our destination even when our eyes are filled with tears and our bones are weak, with grief. Our hope will march ahead of this era and take us where our enemies enemy will lay beneath us. Only this faith and this hope can bring us the strength and joy of tomorrow so our bodies do not tire as they trudge on the path He has ordained for us. Our minds are already free and celebrating because our faith sees past your time and your regime of wickedness, oppression and such cruelty. Yes, I am free because I am not ashamed to hope. I dare to!

by Me on Thursday, June 12, 2008 at 7:40am
everytime i think about you going, i turn about twenty shades of blue
i feel the wasteful seconds we spent hurting and hating each other
i cringe at the labour pains of this newfound relationship and friendship
i watch how God has made us grow
and i want to be at ease
but i remember a time when being close to you was unfathomable and
praying for you brought aches and pains to my being
now your going when our relationship had just begun to mend.
i wish us more days, to love each other, to advise each other, and to care for one another.
i will always be on my guard, i can't let any bad things creep in again leaving us to walk away from each other pained and burdened.
i can't let another day pass by without you knowing and understanding how much I care.
i hope our grandchildren will be close and our families always bridged together because i never thought
found it hard to believe, that everything we have been through could give birth to this day
where i get to say i love you and i will miss you and i am proud of you

I am free to feel now

by Me on Wednesday, March 19, 2008 at 11:21pm
i will no longer limit myself to what others' dictate, if my soul breathes by laughing today then i shall laugh, if my spirit rests by loving, then i will love, if my blood flows by release of anger, then i shall gnarl my teeth, crack my knuckles, shed a tear because i choose to breathe. to open parts of me that i had closed for long, that i wanted to forget. i choose to exhale and find new air to breathe in. i don't want to suffocate anymore underneath unsaid i love yous or unspoken dreams or unexpressed anguish, unspoken tounges. i can't survive under self-imposed burdens, so if my soul breathes by singing, i will sing; if my feet rest through pursuit of my goals, then i shall run after them; if my mind is at peace when i apologise, then i will say i m sorry....i choose to listen and to speak because Who lives in my soul will not be buried without living to the fullest. if He is the true beat of my heart, I will let Him play...no more holding back!

So today, i feel like saying i love you and i want you to be happy. i want you to find the path which you seek. It may lead you past me, by me or even to me; i do know its a long road and you won't ever be alone. i thank God everyday for that.

And to you, i forgive you for the pain you haven't caused me yet and that you already have. i forgive you for the lies that make it easier for you to be where you are. You will find your way back and i will be here, i know that now. I am not going anywhere.

And to you, thank you. You help me find my heart and remind me to listen to its beat. you tell me the knots in my gut can be untied, the dimple on my left cheek, well you know what you say about it, you allow me to fight you and to rise with, by and above you.

You! You are my biggest surprise. Everyday is a present to be unwrapped. keep me excited please, i love you. Everything in me tells me i do, and everyone around me shows me that i should, and Your Son shows me i can. I love you because Your my heart. i feel You and every part of me needs You. my toes, my lips, my hair, my me. You are the grain that is my flesh. You are the water that brings me life, You are the light that shows me truth, sometimes you beat fast for reasons i can never understand, thats you elevating (is that a word) me toward a new relationship, friendship. you compel me to reach out and i am always better for it. i love you, You who is in me.You who holds me, yet leads me. You who loves me..... i am slow to say sorry but You are so quick to forgive me....i am sorry, i love You and i thank You.

no more

by Me on Friday, September 28, 2007 at 1:38pm
love romance movies. i have had it! life doesn't follow a script. i don't look when m s'posed to and he darn well doesn't say his lines. Three years Tee u can do it. Solid as a rock!! Single as a um um um an ummmmmmmmmmm ah well trois ans!


by Me on Monday, September 24, 2007 at 3:59am
at this point in my life, i felt i was like the woman being stoned outside the walls of the city and Jesus said, him without sin must cast the first stone.........lets just say when i opened my eyes the Perfect one Jesus had not condemned me. Thats wen i knew i was saved. if i had lived in the old testament i would have burnt with rest of them but Jesus didn't condemn me. now when i went in to wipe his feet with my hair and tears, he did not push me away. he saw how sorry i was, accepted my confession and forgave me. when i was too weak and in pain from my own self destructiveness, he heard my friends and family's prayers and because of their faith i was healed. i am alive today because of the Lord's will, not mine and that's even better coz its a perfect will and he does not change his mind. the Lord had been on my case for a while and it came to fruition on one particular afternoon. i was alone in my room, at my sister's house and my eyes were just opened(regarding all the things mentioned b4) and my sister who was there at the time prayed for me and i accepted God into my life and the Holy Spirit as my comforter and teacher and Jesus as my savior. some scales over my eyes fell off then and there and some i realise as i go on and work towards removing them (with the Holy Spirit for I would not be able to do it alone). psalms 32. Yours?

free stuff!

by Me on Wednesday, September 19, 2007 at 5:47am
today there was free lunch in the Agora. I was carrying my last $2,60 to go buy some fries coz i was so hungry. I was in a rush, had a timetable to keep so i couldn't get free lunch. Bought my wedges (thats all I could afford) then went back to my office. After thought? Thats wat Jesus is like, offering us something for free: free hope,free faith, free real love, free forgiveness, free salvation, and free eternity but we are always so busy with what our life is already about. Not wanting to compromise our timetables, friendships, behavior for something that's way better. Should have just had that free lunch coz a hot meal could have served me better.

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