My Pretty Big Deal

I get baptized today...I am so excited and humbled that I have been given this opportunity to declare that I am the Lord's and He is mine. He has imparted His Holy Spirit to me, given me His Son to save me and adopted me so that I will live in His courts for eternity. I have to say a little something tomorrow but I can't fathom what kind of words can express the feat that I have just overcome. After 5 years, 1792 days, I officially ''publicly''  change my relationship status to God's. I get to say I do to You. The only constant, honest, loving Being. What has taken me so long? My last name is now Out-of-this-world/waShe/God's. Goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life. From victory unto victory...I will triumph. And I will begin to walk in the ministry with a new confidence. Something happened to me today that emphasized that this here is about God and I. He will use this occasion to serve His will. I know its a testimony of my salvation; my defense and evidence against the enemy; the overcoming of my flesh (because my flesh was so against this and reasoned against it but God won!). Although, its testament of a personal relationship with God, its also a declaration that I am a member of the Body of Christ where He is the head and the devil is under our feet. My induction into the Public Office, if you like, as God's servant. Yes today I resign and God presides. I am in His jurisdiction now...

Thank you Father for vindicating me, for fighting for me through all my shenanigans, for carrying me through rough storms and allowing me to walk across waters. You are my Rock! You are my Provider! You are the Lover of my Soul! You are my Friend! You are Grace! You are Mercy! You are Peace! You are Joy!You are God!!! And you are mine! I am yours! Keep me focused on Your beautiful face..in all things and at all times. Holy Spirit, continue to reveal my Father to me. Thank you for letting me share this day with my lovely and blessed niece. Thank you for rearing her up as Yours. Lord, I glorify you for opening her eyes at such an early age. Thank you that her parents were faithful to introduce  her to You  at an early age and she obeyed Your calling. This is surely the day that you have made. I will rejoice and be glad in it. In Jesus' name, I have the privilege to say Amen! 

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