What Next

I have rejoiced
In the conquest over my soul
Won by the most patient,
Most loving,
Most merciful Victor
of them all!

My image had become faceless
My body of course…

I had fought all I could.
I laid my weapons down.
Pride was first
Then Anger, 
oooh those bitter tears.
And finally,
my fears.
What next?

Would life make me its home?

Would love?

Would peace?

What next?

My body.
This vessel was nowhere near full
But a divine spirit is now poured into it each day.
I have sensation in my fingertips again.
When i touch people, 
i feel them.
My heart IS a room.
When i love people,
I carry them there

What next?


More smiles
More laughs
More joy

After tears.

This is worth it, So-so worth it!

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