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if you look at it from the point of view of ghetto being a style not in the context of geography or income level then you may see the positive flip. it's unfortunate that it had to be this dude to sell it. He is basically saying rocawear/akoo clothing meeting parisian chic. we need to own the concept of ghetto chic before these already rich folk sell it to us like its nothing we were doing before. We may call Yeezy the sell-out but we are the ones buying the stuff 24-7 but when a N*GGA tries to sell it-we all like it's whack/ratchet/ghetto so Kanye's strategy is align yourself with the bougie and people will buy your ish. Let them sell it and say what they have to, to get you (black folk) interested in it because soon we will be rapping about it and sellin' it in videos and social media. You could start a label called 'N*ggarish' with absolute style, great fabric, expensive as h*ll and some hood aesthetic connoting power and beauty or not (however you may look at it) in it and sell it but we don't and someone beats us to it and we complain...when will we realise we have enough power to do things ourselves if we just got out of our feelings?......We are the New Classic (we are mad at Iggy because she said what we have been thinking all this time and she is the wrong colour)! N*ggas in Paris shouldn't be cool because it says we finally made it to Paris on aeroplanes--> it should mean Paris finally made a significant impact on us to venture there. An overall inferiority complex and 'covetousness' will make you believe that you are not something/someone until you are eating what they are eating next door and we need to shed it off. Just like the women are doing!  We have been the classic since before tea was discovered. Let's look at slavery and colonialism from a different perspective....we were well endowed and everybody in the world knew they couldn't get the fruits of capitalism if they didn't have a strong backbone. Biblically Pharaoh did not want to let the people go because it would mess with his money, his wealth. We are the wealth! We are the prosperity! Let's start allowing words like black, hood, ghetto, n*gga, african to represent class, power, strength, education, peace, unity and beauty not only because that's what sells (because people are drawn to success, beauty and wealth no matter how subtle it is-how else can you explain some of these crazy art pieces going for a million bucks? but i digress) but because that's what it truly means. Looking black is a compliment, being black is a blessing. Black is a system with authors, poets, entrepreneurs, millionaires and billionaires! I will be damned to have my daughter grow up in a world that doesn't define or perceive her blackness as such. But it has to start with us...we need to own what we call ourselves. The devil came to destroy and the best way to destroy something is to tear it apart-to divide it and picking on each other and selling off one another to illuminatis, bad 'gay' or 'straight' rumors is how it happens. Have you ever seen on E!News-no matter how bad LiLo gets, they still talk about her and feature her and invite her to things; and Charlie Sheen? Kendra was a playboy bunny yall; no matter how bad the other 'presidents' were to a certain race, they are still revered and celebrated...they stick together like white on rice. They don't take each other to the Hague! Or crucify each other for sitting front row at fashion shows or call each other out on fake pregnancies. They are a team! They pool their wealth together and start banks, provide loans and insurance, give each other scripts and jobs and accolades. The G8? We need to be like that, like black on ice #rantoverfornow.

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