So when did we all just stop being human
And become Muslims, Christians, Jewish, Hindu, Buddist....
When did we all become
just black or white, Indian, Chinese, Native American, muslim, christian, jewish, hindu, buddist, gay straight....
When did we all decide to be warful....
When did we decide to become sensitive about tweets, cartoons, instapics?
When things keep coming and stealing our children's purity, and our children!
Wait, let that sink in,
Before we talk about the
Debauchery of our daughters and mothers' sacredness, robbery of our sons' strength and the larceny of our fathers' wealth and egos
The 100 'damnations' on our inheritance
Our lost humanity!

So we keep silent
In the face of drugs stealing our sanity; guns hosing down our homes; magazines stealing our identity..making us paper-thin till nothing is within.....
Till nothing matters.
Till nothing matters.
Except getting a few fickle followers and them advertising dollars!
We now all have the same accent,
Thank you globalization!
But no realization
That we are one!
One debased race with many faces.

So we build bombs, sell guns,
We even build the internet to find recipes...
To kill ourselves?
Then we send drones, humanitarian aid, have talks and all sorts of measures to save ourselves?
Yet we discriminate who gets on the planes to get the aid,
Yall remember Hotel Rwanda?
We make a script, we shoot a video, we shed a few, enslave a few...
Still no apologies, just a few dollars and the news talks about how they got an Oscar!
And we go ahead and bury our dead on credit!
Along with our integrity because tomorrow-we have to have forgotten this
So we can all just get along!

But we still won't know what it means to be who we are
We are so stuck in who we have become
black, white, ghetto, jew, rich, poor, terrorist, black, white, yogi, fatty, pop, democrat, hip hop, hip-pop liberal, dictator, fundamentalist?
Freedom of speech? 
Is this all it means to be human?

They will ask us and we won't know...
We will switch the channel to some reality show
To let them know
What the others have become
To get a paycheck
To get fame
To get a vote
To get a life
That is a lie
And say maybe this is who you can be...
You see son, 
Somewhere along the line
Someone forgot no someone Grainge chose....
To teach us how not to be human.

We can say devil and f&*k but we can never say God in a picture
The same policy used for the word 'NIGGA' and for Malboro Lights?
Let Yeezy get mad about a pole
Then we publish that!
Let people get mad about no 'living rights' and about not being able to breathe...
Watch Dailymail put a pic of someone's lard...
So we all get offended and distracted at that.

Being human, my kid is being mad at it all and not shootin' someone up!
You can't learn nothing when you dead
And neither can they!
True, you can teach from beyond-
But try and live for as long as you can
Because this ish always sounds better in your own tone..
They may not get it now
Or never get it forever..
But Jesus did it and this world is kind of better....

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