the DiffErenCe between Sir Worry and Ms FaItH

Today I know, when I worry I consider things to come with a fear ridden attitude. When I have faith, I look at the unexpected with a hope-filled attitude.

When I worry, I see all those things on TV as unattainable. When I have faith, anything is possible.

When I worry, I hesitate to think about that which I am expecting. When I have faith, I am excited about the things to come.

When I worry, I have an anxious disposition. I wrangle with my reality and my dreams and always end up stammering and tripping over my thoughts as I try to make them into words. When I have faith, I cannot sit still. My movements mirror the fluttering in my stomach and a smile escapes each time a thought fleets by. I can hardly wait to express my sentiments over an issue and have to hold them back to prevent making green ogled monsters of my peers.

When I worry, I lack in all things. When I have faith, I know I am always sufficient and well-prepared for each moment.

When I worry, I steal from others’ moments by disengaging supportive gears and dappling in worst case scenarios. When I have faith, I respond with encouragement and prepare to tell of positive adages. I illuminate.

When I worry, I stay in bed. When I have faith, I stay in bed and imagine how to live out different scenarios.

When I worry, people get ill and die. When I have faith, people may get sick and possibly die but definitely rise again.

When I worry, I am the victim of my existence. When I have faith, I am the heroine in mine.

When I worry, I cannot love. When I have faith, I am fuelled by love and embrace all I meet. I cannot do enough to show them just how much I care.

When I worry, there’s no turning back. When I have faith, every single memory is a necessary stitch in my life.

When I worry, I can not. When I have faith, I will.

When I worry, my actions come to a dead end; when I have faith, I can inspire. My thoughts and ideas live past me.

When I worry, I try. When I have faith, I achieve.

When I worry, I cuss, when I have faith, I bless…..you get the gist right? Faith should always take premise in your life. Fight to believe in prosperity and goodness. Encourage yourself so that when those dreams of yours throw a bouquet, you are already at the bottom of the stairs at the steeple, hands thrown up, ready to catch them and breathe them into life.

I am so excited!!!



K said...

Having faith is a lot more fun...

worry is not my friend!

Maff said...

Well, when you look at them side by side it seems there's no other way than the way of faith - I'll take that anyday!

I'm having a more in depth peek into your blog, hope you don't mind :)

Talitha Koum said...

Faith is fun, kinda invincible when u have it!
@Maff please do, my pleasure.