I AM FAMOUS, yes i sed IT

faRambling awaaaaay:I am officially starring in my own TV show! Doing it like i am doing it for Reality TV. Live on E! Its nice to come across simplicity in the midst of Iran, Swine flu, turmoil and confusion BUT especially when going through a lonely hearts section in the newspaper AND even more when there is no lonely hearts section in the newspaper but on a list in front of you and your name is the only one ON IT. Then its absolutely wonderful to find men who are as rich as pirates but only want simple things OR men born into fame and celebrity and ALL they seem to enjoy are simple waters, simple waves, good music and great food. That lifted my spirits for a second, and in the same breath, quietened my mind as I realized that I do not need to try so hard to land myself a great man. I don’t need to try so hard to want to be on a famous TV show. I don’t need to try so hard to make an impression. I can be me, simply me. As the waves are. As the trees are. As the sunsets are. As the wind is. As children are. As God is. My beauty is innate. My character is Godscripted. My intelligence is constantly being sharpened. My skin is the color of sand from which I am created. All the above are beautiful and endearing before you even speak their names. You recognize their beauty almost instantly. And when you pry and truly observe the nature of the water which appears so forcefully yet rises so delicately with each particle linked to the next as if dancing to the sounds beneath the ocean…I AM really shady at descriptive writing but waves and water are my favourite things to watch and feel. Do I like swimming? Not particularly, I don’t like being cold so if I can avoid cold water I do. Do I surf? Any water sports? Nuffing at all. It just calms me to look at it and to lay by the beach and hear pebbles escaping into the sun from the deep waters. Anyway…simple things, I love seafood. I love quiet peace and loud peace. I like sandals. I like dancing and doing my chores in heels when I am at home. I like sandwiches and tossed salads. I have the character of a Moroccan display meets Nyanga mountains. I refresh myself when I make these observations about myself..that which I admire about others/am enticed by seems so seductive only because its an image of myself beckoning me to embrace the sensuous and simplicity within ME. So hello John Mayer, Brody Jenner, John Legend, Dante Smith, Christopher Bridges…I like you because you remind me of me. Shame, If you stepped out of the ‘bondage’ of celebrityhood, there’s a woman there who need not impress you but who you will recognize INSTINCTIVELY as you recognize a medium rare porterhouse steak on your palate, OR yourself in the mirror. I DARE you, Matt Damon did. Neyo kinda is. Tyra is. Who knows who else but see its important to see that there are women who are not in those queues waiting for your autograph (groupies), they want you to have THEIRS. Because, surely if your bio describes you accurately, then we could be really good friends.

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