FrOm DoGs to PinK to JoY

My mind loves him, absolutely treasures him. He is not the type of Kid most girls would stumble over. I think he is the kind only my heart would recognize, it seems. His need and his triumphs resonate with all the trinkets of my character. I feel I can offer him guidance, my wit, my smile when he needs encouragement, I can give him warmth from the fondness I feel for him, I can secure his confidence because I keep such a watchful eye over him. I love him dearly, I do.

I can’t decide whether I have felt this more for a man or for my gorgeous Jack Russell pup, Hugo. Oh the dilemma!

LOOKING BACK OVER MY SHOULDER insert instrumental from Mike and the Mechanics
I see this cute little thing standing on a stoep (stubhu). She is wearing pink shorts and a pink blouse outfit. I think she has a yellow cardigan on or she could be bearing arms, I am not sure. Her ears are pierced and her eyes are shut so tightly. She’s clutching her stomach and looks a bit stiff with her knees slightly bent. Oh how cuuute, she has little black polished shoes, the ones with a strap going across from left ankle to right ankle. I immediately adore her. I look at her harder. Her mouth is wide open and she’s tipping her head back… I can see her two front teeth and an enormous dip on her left cheek. That dimple is definitely too big for her, meThinKs. Now, I can hear her laugh. Wow..I can’t believe it. Her laugh is so spirited and has absolutely paralysed her AnD astounded the older girl who sits at the edge of the stoep with her. What could be so funny little-girl-in-pink? What wouldn’t be? She seems to answer as she takes a breath and briefly turns her head toward me, before she pours out another deluge of giggles….

I wish I could wake up and lay down on laughter. Joy is such a wonderful foundation upon which to build memories. Tragic days have definitely won permanent residence on memory lane And are sorely recalled as the days I cravedNdugSodeep for that paralyzing laughter when I was three. It saddens me to think that I will be buried on a day when people may find it inappropriate to laugh…..LAUGH today, open the floodgates of your souls with the most distinctive expression of JOY!

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