RANDOMNESS AHEAD: DreamingDreams, LivingDreams and PlaninLife

I haven’t read anything other than proposals, terms of references, multi-sectoral health and I am BoTired! I suppose I am learning my trade but I feel a tremendous void in my life...the one which can be filled with games, unplanned visits, cake and coffees…I miss that. The other day my teamleader said HE enjoyed my laughter and I went on strike. I started laughing within so I often choked when I drank my water, because I was laughing so hard INSIDE! i mean how dare he say, HE ENJOYED MY LAUGHTER! But I am back, back to hysterical giggling, and Julia Roberts-like howling laughter from Pretty Woman. For sure, you would see my tounsils if I hadn’t had them removed when I was 4. I think I just took it too personally because.. because because and expressing my Joy again. I love the SounD too.

Anyway, I woke up today because I had had the most eventful dream. This week I have been having eventful nights and zero to hardly any sleep since I had proposals due left, right and centre…so I slept early last night. At 2230 after, CSI, I actually slept during CSI but anyway. I got into bed around 1030pm. My mum used to force me to sleep in my bed and if she caught me snoozing on the couch, she wouldn’t leave the lounge until I dawdled to my room in a sleepy stupor. Shes changed now, more accepting and accomodating. Anyway so mosquito net down, eyes shut…..dream dream then 6 am I feel myself waking up and I fight it. I had just met Barack in my dream n he had shook my hand. I tell myself wait, theres that other section you need to dream about to finish it up…like it’s a Greys Anatomy episode. But when you are awake, you are awake. There’s nothing you can do about it. Sure you can imagine things, plan your day, with your eyes shut but the flickering of your eyes will set your sweet mother on you and she will say GOOD MORNING and list a whole lot of activities that you wouldn’t really plan for yourself. So if you wake up before your dream is over, finish it off in real time!(you really have to be discerning here, theres some dreams that will land you in prison/shamed soooooo Be Wise!)

So I woke up and I have decided to live my dreams because once you dream them, its up to you, whether you leave them behind your eyelids in the stillness of night OR to just get up and do IT. I thought it was impossible to be guided by your dreams until I remembered Joseph the Dreamer as I walked out of my house today. His haters were his own brothers. They put him in a hole and sold him for DREAMING. His getoutofjailcard were his DREAMS because he dreamt so much that he could understand others’ dreams..with God’s hand upon him of course. So I am going to dream dreams when I am asleep and live dreams when I am awake.

SO to meet my dreams, I need to PLAN my course of action….I have watched this movie that said, start your plan of action from the ending and then work backwards….

10. Work in Washington somewhere in the Department which deals with funding to LDCs for their health sectors
8. Complete a PhD in Health Sector Management within different Political Structures
7. Gain work experience from an internationally recognized organization…the Clinton Foundation preferably
6. Win a scholarship to pursue a PhD at Harvard
5. Complete Health Economics Masters degree
4. Apply for a visa
3. Open a foreign account
2. Make a decision which university to attend

'FamilyPlaNNingMethoDs' coming when I have a man…I don’t mean it like THAT, just I think the four kid dream, hot preacher man, durawall (no picket fence in Africa), swimming pool, 2 jeeps, wat wat will come later….yes I know I will be 30 but hey!!!

And should anyone decide we have the same dream or is inspired by mine and pursues it too, its cool because the sooner this dream is lived, the better! So I don't mind, Go AHEAD. Most people are living Martin Luther King's dream anyway..


Nefertiti said...

I loved this. So refreshing. :)

Miss Dee N said...

I've had so many dreams some good some bad and can never discern if they are the cries of my heart, or some trickery. How then do u know which to pursue when in real like its impossible?

Talitha Koum said...

Nef thank you!
Di i hope you have posed this question to many people because i pondered annd stewed over it and well I got a couple of a few words n i hope they help..when you are pursuing His will, He creates and fulfills the desires of your heart, they may manifest themselves as dreams or random thoughts, ideas or people speak it into your life. If you want clarity, i think you get on your knees and ask. God always answers. Trust Him with the next step you make, ask for confirmation as well. you make a decision and take a step forward. Gods will always prevails so if its the wrong one, He will redirect you and if its the right one, He will open up doors for you. I know some verses to back me up, will put em out.
then there is an issue of trials like which ones are the redirections or which ones are just tests? most importantly, everything works for the good of those who love Him so as long as u prioritize what is good, noble and kind

2 much? sowwy.