My very own focus list

Only to be taken in the context of how I can save myself this year from repeating last year's mistakes:

  1. No watching movies on sidereel/free online movies
  2. Instead, I will knit, garden, read my bible, pray more
  3. No falling in love with people who I haven't seen in the last two months
  4. I will instead socialise more, interact with people whose breath i can smell
  5. No hating
  6. I will instead appreciate all persons- we are all here for a reason and things of that nature.
  7. No more pressurising God to give me my man now
  8. Instead, I will trust Him because its not like I told Him when I wanted to be born so really- I will let God do God
  9. No more competing with people in my class
  10. I will put effort in my studies
  11. Oh ya, I will sleep at 12 each day-no more staying up and dozing during class, i must just plan my time wisely
  12. Therefore good night!
  13. I will continue with time
  14. have been so unsuccessful at the things crossed...i will see with time if i succeed in all other things


My Bestfriend's Little Sister(MBLS) said...

Love it!

ZimBlackRose said...

I love point 6 and 7 you and me both babe .No more pressure GOD is a perfectionist...

Talkoum said...

@MBLS, tenk you
@Z you can't hurry God for real!!!-seeing as He created time and everything ;D
as you can both see its 2am, i am still awake aaaaaargh!